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This is our chance TODAY of have fun and discover an amazing city like Buenos Aires, join me in my Customized Virtual Tours Buenos Aires to explore in detail one of the nicest cities of the world.

This a suggested list of tours but remember, My experiences are full customized!

Pablo Piera private tourguide Buenos Aires virtual tours

With what tools do I offer these virtual tours?

I use original and updated pictures, animated slides, 360 images, and subjective videos. That plus my passion will deliver you an unforgettable experience!

Let's check the first and most complete!

Virtual Tour Buenos Aires in four chapters, from the aristocratic Recoleta to the colorful Boca.

In this series we will explore all the popular attractions in Buenos Aires.

In the First Chapter, "Downtown and History" we will stroll the Plaza de Mayo, the historical heart of Buenos Aires and for sure of Argentina. We will discover the origins of the city and its history, we will see the famous balcony of Evita and visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, the church of Francis Pope. Avenida de Mayo, we will travel in the wooden A subway and we will share a coffee at Tortoni Café. In our way to the west, we will discover the 9 de Julio Avenue with its monumental Evita ironwork shape, the “hell building” Barolo Palace based on the Dante’s Inferno. This Virtual Tour Buenos Aires I recommend to do first.

Virtual Tours Buenos Aires Plaza De Mayo

In the Second Chapter "From Rodin to the Green North" we will discover the amazing square of the National Congress, Rodin’s Thinker included, the Two Congresses Square and the Windmill building. Strolling to the North we will visit one of the new icons of Buenos Aires: The big metallic flower, the Floralis Generica. From there we jump to the Palermo Rose Garden and Botanical garden to land at “The Island” the only hill of Buenos Aires, so very exclusive as my Customized Virtual Tours Buenos Aires, ask me in advance or even during the tour if you are interested in determined aspects of the city.

Customized Virtual Tour Buenos Aires National Congress

In the Third Chapter "Aristocracy, Opera and Pizza" of this Virtual Tour Buenos Aires series is the time for the aristocratic Recoleta, including the Cemetery, the visited area, but also the hidden old money section. Barrio Norte is waiting for us, the urban middle class area by definition, were you will run out of breath with El Ateneo, literally the nicest bookstore of the world, but also by the most incredible and luxury water plant ever imagined, the Palace of Streaming Waters, for landing later at the lavish Teatro Colon Opera House, the largest Opera House of the world, built with purpose of being the nicest too. The iconic Obelisk will be there round the corner for get our travel picture before strolling the never sleeping Corrientes Avenue, the one of the pizza places, cafes, theaters and used book stores.

Virtual Tours Buenos Aires El Ateneo

Chapter Four! "Beating passion at the South of Buenos Aires" We will go to the colorful and throbbing south, with the magic of Caminito St. and its Tango dancers, as the Soccer World Temple, la Boca stadium, nicknamed La Bombonera. If you don’t follow soccer no worries these are Customized Virtual Tours Buenos Aires and all the area is a piece of art and we are going to discover it, but Hurry up! We need to go to the exciting Sunday at San Telmo Flea Market! We will explore this traditional place were the colonial times are merged with Tango flavor and street artists, antiques and yummy food, all seasoned with a beating rhythm of the crowds. And party goes on! Let’s discover the wide and bright Puerto Madero neighborhood with the Woman Brigde, the sculptures, the skyscrapers and the frigates.

virtual tours Buenos Aires Puerto Madero Woman Bridge

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