About Buenos Aires

Buenos aires is the Federal District of the República Argentina and it is the most important city of the Country with 15 millon of inhabitants including the suburban areas, what means the 40% of Argentina's population.

The city is placed beside the world's widest river, the River Plate (Río de la Plata) that was named in this way because it was supposed to be the access to fabulous Sierra de la Plata (The Mountain Range of Silver, Wow!). This colonial ambition for finding precious metals and mythical kingsdoms, finally brought the denomination to my Country: Argentina means literally, Land of Silver (Argentum = Silver, in Latin)

The other river which delimit Buenos Aires is the Riachuelo, one of the probable places where the city may be founded (the exactly place is lost, although some people insist that the place was in a square named Parque Lezama). Its estuary is an historycal enclave because in the sourroundings (La Boca, Avellaneda, Barracas, Balvanera) arrived more than a millon of inmigrants at the end of C19, bringing with them their uses, trades, and basically their progress hunger and their ilussions. They were who transformed for ever Argentina, bringing it much of what it have of good.

Buenos Aires is beauty and versatile, that's the reason why it is possible tour across it during days, and always get amazed. Like other big cities like Barcelona, the neighbourhoods change their attractiveness and appearance depending on days and schedules, the same place always is suprising.

For History lovers, Buenos Aires is a huge glosary of tales, for Architecture lovers, practically whole styles and schools since 17th Century are present, and in some specific cases, there are architectonical movements that being borned in Europe, had reached their maximum development in this City. We the Art devotees have to battle with more than 100 World Class shows each weekend, It is impossible to see all! National and International artist's exhibitions from captivates your attention 450 Art Galeries, anyway we can enjoy lots of art attractions in my Art Tour. In this way, Buenos Aires is a summary of World culture with an almost unique level of cordiality. That is what make this City a wonderful place to visit or Why not? to live. And, it is very important for you to know that instead of born as big city like Mexico, Lima or Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires was signed by hanger and mud, it was a little village literally lost in the last border of the most extensive Empire of whole times. Know more about the fascinating story of Buenos Aires in an Historical Tour.

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