Art Tour

Art blooms everywhere in Buenos Aires, more –literally- than 5000 european sculptures inhabits the city, in its buildings, palaces and parks

Murals, Frescos, Graffitis, Huge Metal –but live- Flowers Dancing Bridges, Cursed Mermaids

Yes! Buenos Aires is the brilliant STAR of Southamerica, and is waiting for you. You DESERVE to discover its art secrets, let’s walk across the art streets, let’s hunt a “gallery night”

From Rodin to "Mr. Pollock", From Pettoruti to Quinquela from Siqueiros to Frida Kahlo and Rivera, and, and...

Always in an Entertained way, mixed -or not- with the not-to-miss places of Buenos Aires!

This tour
is not for art-experts only, is JUST for sensitive people 

Buenos Aires is the Meca of SouthAmerican Art not only for the huge amount of Galleries and Museums but because WHOLE the pieces inside of them are Wonderful. Wonderful are the pieces of international art, wonderful the recognaized argentinean artist, wonderful are also the new artists.

For those interested in the Art or Antiques shopping I use to prepare a special brochure with a representative sample about what's on exhibition and with visit to the big galleries's backstages, according to your budget and tastes. The prices of argentinean art goes from US$ 4000 to U$S 75000. The author's design objects (a brand new argentinean exquisiteness) are also very affordable.

The nice "little art" of stationery and desk objects is hidden in different caves of the City and we will going for them.

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