The Parque Lezama

"They landed like gost scaped from misery, they were kings for a day and they left, gosts, because of hunger, Indians and plague. Only a few flowed up through the river, the majority, translucent, still contemplating from the slope of that Sweet Sea that had scaped from their reach."

It is supposed that here in Lezama Square was done the first fundation of Buenos Aires in 1536, but the excavations couldn't demonstrate it. That first expedition failled because of the luck of potable wather, food, and resources to stand a war against the indians generated by the arrogance and reckless. Under siege, the Spanish suffered hunger and plagues, also reaching canibalism, till the moment they have to scape to Asunción Town. Who can guess this story happening in one of the most beauty squares of the city, neither the river remains here!.

The square has its origin in a farm property of the British Daniel Mackinlay, who used to fly a different flag according to which militar fleet was sailing on the close river. Some years later the farm was sold to the American Charles Horne, a partner of the Governor Rosas. The residences of both men, where considered the beautiest houses in the River Plate, and they use to compete one against the other in splendor. Then it was sold to Gregorio Lezama who sized the gardens and added the viewpoint. Used like hospital during the Yellow Fever plagues, he donated the property to the Government with the condition of being used as a public park. 
That was the origin of the Lezama Park, during decades the not-to-miss drive ot the healthy families. 

Inside the park shines the Monument to International Cordiality, donated by the City of Montevideo and the monument to Pedro the Mendoza, that represents the first foundation of Buenos Aires. In front of this monument, 
in the corners of Brasil and Defensa, two classics coffees rivalizes: The "Británico" and the "Hipopótamus". What to ask in the Hipopótamus? I will tell you this in person!

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