Puerto Madero

It's the newest neighbourhood in the city with only 17 years old, there was nothing but ruins. 
A postponed and conflictive project that finally could be done. Since in mid of 19th Century, Le Corbussier was suggesting that this abandoned harbour, which simbolized with its enormous red blocks buildings, its cranes and silos, the age of the Argentinean agricultural exporting model, should be rescued to be converted in a "city of business", filling some aditional lots in the river.

"Puerto Madero is the newest neighbourhood in town, its modern buildings coexist with buildings that are historical heritages. The modern architecture of the Woman Bridge get merged with the classic art of the Mermaids Fountain. A place to walk and stroll, dining or having a coffee, a modern but peaceful bubble of joy at few steps from the rush of downtown"

Many projects and decades later, the Puerto Madero Corporation, a mixed entity between private companies and the Nation, recovered the area, rescued the buildings and the cranes and created a unique real state area, taking as a reference the restoration project of Barcelona harbour. Moreover, this inspiration deliver us to admire the "Woman's Bridge", from the Valencian Architect Santiago Calatrava, 170 meters (560 feet) of white beauty that, as all the streets of this neighbourhood, is a tribute to the Women, specifically to our heroines.

In addition, the masterwork of the greatest argentinean scupltress, Lola Mora, is exhibited far away from the scandals that it generated when it was unveilled: The Mermaid's Fountain, from 1903, female monument by definition, was controversial because of its almost-erotic realism, because of this, the original location (behind the Pink House, the Government House), was replaced by other less visible and in facts, humiliating, in a brothel's area. So many years later, with the opening of the south riverside path, the Monument received a more appropiated according with its beauty, the place where today we can appreciate.

The foreing investor finds in this area really excelents opportunities of investment and a nice place to live, surrounded by water, parks, huge avenues and restaurants/grills which offers the most pure Argentinean taste.

Puerto Madero has many secrets in between its long glassed blocks, Explore it with me!


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