Coloured Street

private-tour-guide-buenos-aires-street-artOnce upon a time, a sad season, in which Argentina was a Country without any money, no savings, no jobs, no future. The terrible crisis of 2001 spoiled our lifes, the gates of the World just closed for us, and simple things like take a taxi and pay for it in cash were a hard task. With many factories closed, whole neighbourhoods where in silence. Barracas, which means warehouses due to the huge amount of companies stablished there many years ago, was an empty, deserted area. Only the sun was stil raising up happy, during the next two years, when an artist, inspired on it and on the brightful colors of hope, decide to decorate the facade of his own house. May be one or two neighbours asked him to decorate their facades, and that was the begining of the wave of colours. In a few weeks, all the houses of the street were cover of happyness. I was there the day of the offcial opening, on 2003, walking between other thousands of porteneans, breathing a little bit of fun on those dark days. We started to bounce up from the bottom of the sea that year, but we didn't know yet. Anyway that street, was the first smile.

Currently this street looks like a hidden jewell, no more thousands of visitors, just the few inhabitants of this passage, that ocasionally will be there when you explore and do your pictures. Cobbled streets, old coloured houses, also the sidewalks decorated, and the soul of the hidden typical neighbourhood floating on the air.

As your private tour guide in Buenos Aires, I strongly suggest you to discover this unique place.
Let's go together!


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