Plaza de Mayo Square

private-tour-guide-buenos-aires-plaza-de-mayo-historical-toursEverything happened in this Square, and everything will still happening. 

-You will see here the PINK HOUSE (Government House) with its Evita's balcony
-The strange CATHEDRAL, (really strange, and six times built)
-The Piramid of May that is not a piramid but an obelisk, (but not the famous portenean one)
-The colonial times TownHall (Cabildo) and the current TownHall (So, so Parissian)

Here you will live 
-The first battle field ot this lands between Locals and British,
-The first massive Peronist meeting that called 2 million people
-The first revolution, and the last one
-The last words of Eva Peron
-The sad night of saucepan protests
-The night of burning churches
-The day of the bombing
-The eternal circular trail of Plaza de Mayo's Mothers

A little-little bit of History

Buenos Aires was refounded here  by second time in 1580, after the first failled try of Pedro de Mendoza in 1536. The second founder,
Juan de Garay, created a little poor town of 16 blocks wide by 9 blocks lenght, nothing compared with the current 12000 blocks that are part only of the "federal district" of this City.

Following the rules of Spanish Empire,Garay placed close to the river the open space for the Main Square where he placed the Authority Tools: The Fortress (Today the Pink House, Government House), the "Cabildo" (TownHall) and the Church (currently the Metropolitan Cathedral). Check in an Historical Tour

From the Spanish ViceKingdom trough the different stages of the current República Argentina the political ideas are captured in the buildings, that shows the trends of thinking, carved on adobe, concret and marble. You can see more in the Arch Tour

430 years later of the Foundation of Buenos Aires, the presence of power still having the same lay out there, that's the reason why everything happens here
, from Peronist meetings to bombings, protests with saucepans, and soccer world cup celebrations

Here, facing the Plaza de Mayo Square, is the famous Evita's Balcony.

This Main Square was the first commercial center, the first battle field and also the last.
Here was born the "piquetes" (in 1810, not in 2001 as it used to believed) and saucepan protest. Here where done the hugest massive meetings of America.  AHere is were simbolic and literally, the people express himself and talk with the Government.

On Jun  24th of 1955 an revolutionary try done a bombing against the PINK house with the purpose of kill Peron, but he neither was in the building. Anyway a combination of wheather conditions and luck of experience determined that many bombs fall over the pedestrians of the Plaza de Mayo Square. More than 360 people died, most of them civilians, and there was also 800 injured. As a response, peronist simpathizers attacked and burned some Churches. A vivid explanation is part of the Historical Tour

Ten years before, this man whose figure will divide the argentinean people till current days between peronist and antiperonist, was the reason of the biggest multitudinary march on panamerican history. 

The Oct 17th of 1945, more than a millon of workers who had got deserved and postponed basic benefits trought social laws applied by the Secretary of Work ruled by Peron, done a pacific and spontaneus meeting claiming for his liberation -he was put on jail because of his increase of power-.

Crowds arrived from suburbs using tramways, railways, buses, bikes and many of them just walking. The most tired put their feet inside some fountains in the square offending the high society. At evening, Peron, set free, done from a Pink House balcony a public resignation to his militar career and launched his political project. Facing that huge crowd, the Government have no other way that accept to call to elections, the first ones in Argentina free and without fraud. (But was Peron himself who returned to electoral tricks not to get a sure reelection but to get an absolute majority). Peron will marry Eva Duarte (Evita) five days after that historical October 17th. She participated with the union trades in the activation that was the spark of that huge march. And there are so much more to tell you! Do we visit the Plaza de Mayo Square?

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