History Tour

This historical tour to Buenos Airesprivate_tour_guide_buenos_aires_tour-of-history
Done always in an Entertained way, 
mixed -or not- with 
the not-to-miss places of Buenos Aires,
you will hear

- The story of Evita Peron and her pilgrim corpse
- How a lost argill town becomed the Paris of 

- The day the Plaza de Mayo Square was under 
  tons of bombs
- The Plaza de Mayo Mother's story
- The story of the Buenos Aires invaded 
  twice times by the british troops
  that were defeated. This is a real event that 
       - the amazing battles between a barefeet 
     horde and the prestigious 71th Higlanders
     of His Majesty  (anyway, they were defeated) 
       - a love story with thirteen prisioners, a nice 
      bride -of course- and a brave mother in law
       - a charge of cavallery against a warship 
     (horses won)
  and more!!

The contents are tailored according to your tastes, and believe me I know them due to as your private tour guide in buenos aires, I was getting enough feedback to tell you our History in a fun way. Of course it doesn't excludes other contents of a standard tour, or contents of art, architecture or others.

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