"Palermo is a nice huge extension of Art, Arch, Fashion and Green. Palermo is as old as traditional, is brand new as cosmopolitan."

Take your time to walk Palermo, take your days to breath it, there is no accurate description to this area, is just for give tranquil rounds, have a coffee, check some clothes for home, and feel the magic enviroment.

A long line of Parks with hundreds of Sculptures, Palaces and Luxury Cages (because of the Victorian Zoo, because of the tranquil Aristocratic houses that surrounds the Park, because of the beautiful Botanic Garden, because of the Rose Garden in the midle of one of the many lakes, because of the biggest Zen Garden out of Japan, a Planetarium-UFO and more). By the way, we have here a nice opportunity of doing a picnic with mate included during

walking-mate tour.

A huge fancy area plenty of Boutiques and Coffees self renewing day by day beside the green line of Palermo Park. This area is called Palermo Soho, due to its similarities with the NY Soho. It originally born as the adventure of diferent designers who after the crisis of 2001 could sold their concepts at competitive rates in dollars which would bring them enough power of purchase to start their own little businesses in an area which was cheaper and tranquil, even with more car repair shops than cafes. After their kick off, the fancy cafes appeared and then the big brands decided to try too.
At Palermo Soho you will find the top of fashion and really nice coffees, everything have a special touch of Art and Design. Palermo Soho is Graffiti-Land, where even the passages as many fashion clothes shops, have got nothing less than masterpieces of this kind of art.


Palermo Hollywood, born trough a similar origin and at the same time. First, were the filming companies (The Argentinean audiovisual industry is the 5th of the world) stablished in old ware houses or just buying groups of houses. Accounting with the latest technology, after the crisis they had to look for foreign Customers for their structure, and with competitive rates and a wide diversity of scenographical environment, it was possible to do it. The fancy restaurant for those exigent crews of advertisers and marketers was a logic consequence

There are two little (really little) sections we can group as Old Palermo or Palermo chico, where many old money families built their palaces, today most of them driven into embassies (there are eighteen of them) and museums. This little unique neighborhoods deserves a walk around for relaxing after visiting downtown and for discovering one of reasons why Buenos Aires deserves the nickname of "The Paris of South America".

"There is a long line of Parks with sculptures, lakes, palaces and fancy areas plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants"

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