In this section I will base on my experience as private tour guide in Buenos Aires for bring useful and relevant information about our History and with a little bit of Sociology, due to your interest as visitor is not collect data but understand (and perhaps luckily feel) our behavior.

A hundred Years of Buenos Aires and the World Broadcasting.

100 years ago, a group of fans began what would be the first continuous and commercial radio broadcast, that means, the first radio was born. They were a group named “the crazy fellows at the rooftop” (they were broadcasting from a terrace) and it was a radio practically for themselves: There were only 22 devices to receive their transmission in the country. The first program broadcast a concert from the Coliseo theater, a rival without chances of the Teatro Colon Opera House. It was the world's first radio station, and it started here, in this amazing city of Buenos Aires.

The first Broadcasting of the World happened in Buenos Aires

Congratulations Argentina for 7 years of Equal Marriage!

Today is seven years since the first and revolutionary marriage between people of the same sex. Something totally transcendent for the Ibero-American world, since Argentina was the first Spanish-speaking country to pass a law like this, that even had to wait until 2015 to be approved nationally in countries like United States.

In those times it was a risky political act managed by the Peronist president Nestor Kirchner which even surprised the LGTB Asociations (They were expecting support but not such a strong engagement) and found massive social support and triggered a barrage of egalitarian marriages that now total 16,000 alliances.

Happy 7 seven years of equal marriage in Argentina private tours in Buenos Aires

The law was much more than the right to marriage but also the achievement of a new life without censorship or fake facades.

As the leader of the gay men association Puerta Abierta (Open Door) the Psychologist Alejandro Viedma details, "It was fundamentally a turning point because it was the kick to discuss and sanction other laws Important and equal as the law of gender identity." For Viedma, a specialist in sexual diversity issues, it is also valuable that homosexuals have the freedom to decide whether or not to marry.

He also remarked: "Talking about the law of Equal Marriage allowed fluid circulation of the symbolic and, consequently, the health and happiness of these people and that included dignity and affection because, instead of silencing and hiding the Love, made it visible, shared it and celebrated it."

It also opened the door for laws which allow change names (Identity of Gender law),  change of gender (Sexual Orientation Law).

References and Picture
Article and pictures: LaNacion
Picture by Gregory F. Maxwell

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